June 14, 2021

A documentary begins to shoot in the Canary Islands that travel the world to tell the most unique cases of drowning – La Provincia

The platform 'Canarias, 1,500 kilometers of coastline' has started filming in the archipelago of a documentary that will review the most striking cases of drowning around the world, with the aim of raising awareness about the risks of the aquatic environment, as explained in a Europa Press interviewed the disseminator specialized in the fight against drowning, Sebastián Quintana.

The documentary driven by the platform headed by Quintana has begun to be recorded on the beaches of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote, but will review the situation of the phenomenon throughout Spain and also outside the country, traveling to Brazil, Argentina or the United States and using from underwater cameras to drones to try to convey more precisely what drowning means.

It will last approximately two hours and will also host testimonies from leading international experts in the fight against drowning, such as the director of the Brazilian Aquatic Rescue Society, David Szpilman, or pediatrician Linda Quan, from the Seattle hospital, a of the leading drowning experts in children.

"We want to review what the situation of the phenomenon is, not only in the Canary Islands, not only in Spain, but in different countries that we will go through and capture testimonies to relive the toughest situations of people who have lost their lives in the water, or their relatives who have gone through the drama of that unhappy experience, "said Quintana.

It will also tell some of the most surprising cases in which people have managed to save life "almost miracle" in the sea, in situations that usually "change the life" to those who go through it, in the case of Quintana, who after suffering an episode drowning always wanted to devote his time and effort to the awareness of the phenomenon. "It changes your life totally and absolutely," he said.

"We recreate the entire history of each of the episodes and all that combined with statements and contributions from the world's best experts in the study and investigation of drowning," Quintana explained.

From a swimmer who thought he felt the call of God and went naked to the sea to be 16 hours wandering in the dark before being saved to people who were dragged by a sea stroke or those who tried to come to the aid of third parties.

With the support so far of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, although he hopes to obtain more institutional support, the documentary will be completely in Spanish but also translated 100% into English, to try to reach a global audience.

The next step of this documentary will be to record the story of the hero of Tebeto, in Fuerteventura, to where they will travel next week. "We are going to make the whole story of the hero of Tebeto, to talk to those who participated in the rescue attempt and located the body of Arturo Fontán who, let's not forget, died drowned when he tried to save a girl who was being dragged by a return current. The girl was saved and he dies, he was a great diver and a great swimmer, "he recalled.

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