July 29, 2021

A documentary about Aretha Franklin will be released almost half a century after its filming | Culture

A documentary about Aretha Franklin will be released almost half a century after its filming | Culture

The documentary Amazing Grace, filmed during a gospel concert by the legendary American singer Aretha Franklin in January 1972, will be released on November 12 in New York City almost half a century after filming, according to US media. Its release implies the end of a long legal dispute and after having overcome numerous technical problems that postponed its broadcast. The film was recorded mostly by filmmaker Sydney Pollack for two days at the New Orleans Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. The documentary, funded by the Warner Bros. studios, will be presented at the DOC NYC festival, the largest event of its kind in the United States, and will begin its race to qualify for the Oscar nomination.

After reaching an agreement for its distribution with the relatives of the singer, the movie will be shown to the public just three months after Franklin's death at 76 years old, because of a pancreatic cancer. During the filming, Pollack made the mistake of not synchronizing the sound during the recording of the film, which generated serious technical problems that were not solved until 2011, and they were joined later by those that occurred between the singer and the producers for the rights of the film.

The last great diva of the golden age of African-American music, born in 1942 and daughter of a well-known reverend, began to sing in the choir of her father's church and shook the musical scene of the 60s by introducing the resources of gospel in secular music, with today legendary hitsIt's like Respect or (You make me feel) A natural woman. Franklin announced his retirement at the beginning of 2017 with the idea of ​​limiting its agenda to scarce and highly chosen actions, although many had to be canceled by medical recommendation.

"The followers of Aretha will be captivated by every moment of the film while their genius, their devotion to God and their spirit are present in each sequence," producer Alan Elliot said in a statement. He acquired the rights to the tape in 2007, one year before Pollack's death. In turn, the artistic director of DOC NYC, Thom Powers, has stated that "Amazing Grace it has become a lost treasure for more than four decades. "He added:" I can not conceive a bigger honor for a festival than to give the premiere of this documentary. "

"Amazing Grace is the heart and soul of Aretha Franklin, "the niece of the singer, Sabrina Owens, told the press on Monday before adding:" Your followers need to see this film so pure and cheerful. "


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