A doctor takes off his mask and coughs into the face of an airport employee

The individual forced to deploy the containment protocol and was prevented from boarding the plane.

The Colombian Attorney General's Office has opened an investigation with “possible legal consequences” against a doctor who took off the mask he was wearing and He coughed into the face of a worker at the El Dorado airport who was attending passengers at the departure gate. The man, who was preparing to travel to Valledupar on flight 8576, forced deploy containment protocols to serve airline workers who had contact with him and the passengers who were in the access row to the plane.

The Colombian Migration Department criticized the traveler's attitude, that it is not known if he is infected with the coronavirus or not. Juan Francisco Espinosa, director of Migration, said that "we reject this type of attitude and invite citizens to join us, express our rejection and respect the institutions and brave people who are dedicated to protecting this country."

According to the Prosecutor's Office, the passenger was not allowed to enter the aircraft.

The fact caused enormous outrage among the citizens. The events occurred at the El Dorado airport, the one with the highest airport traffic in the country, when, for no apparent reason, the individual took off his mask and coughed repeatedly and intentionally in the face of an airport official. Those who witnessed the scene began to yell at him and reproach him for what he had done and tried to prevent him from advancing towards the plane.. The man finally crossed the controls, but was not allowed to travel so that he did not put the rest of the passengers at risk. One of those affected recorded what happened with her mobile phone and you can see how the doctor coughs on at least four occasions and with his tongue hanging out, with the clear intention of reaching the employee.


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