Thu. Apr 25th, 2019

A digital potential still to be exploited

Un potencial digital aún por explotar

There are more mobile connections in the world than people. The speed of telecommunications networks multiplies with each new generation and technological advances, available to institutions, companies and people, show us, more than ever, that they have arrived to make our lives easier.

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However, we are still far from taking advantage of its full potential. And the main reason is the digital talent gap. The European Commission places Barcelona in the 42nd position out of 60 in ICT talent. Does this mean that there is little talent? No, on the contrary. The talent in Barcelona exists, but it needs to expand its competences in the digital field and new tools to connect, efficiently, with the business ecosystem.

Barcelona is known for having seen the birth and growth of international reference projects. Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors trust Barcelona to open new businesses, grow their companies and invest in them. Maintaining this leadership depends on getting and consolidating a large number of technology professionals in all specialties and ranges.

It is estimated that the scarcity of digital talent will cost the most advanced economies 11.3 trillion dollars of their GDP over the next ten years. And if we do nothing, it will also slow down our socio-economic development. Therefore, we can not forget that talent, rather than a question of competitiveness, is a matter of the future.

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