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a dialogue in the anti-independence "trench"

Álvarez de Toledo y Boadella: un diálogo en la “trinchera” anti independentista

A dialogue between two friends, the PP candidate, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and the playwright Albert Boadella. A conversation between two activists who met years ago in the "trench" of the anti-independence movement and from which they have not yet left, with public success (although the room was small) and criticism, according to the warm applause, in which they have analyzed the politics Catalan in recent decades to understand "how we have come" to the current situation. And they have coincided, because there have only been coincidences and agreements in a corrosive talk that has not ceased to be an act of party in campaign, in pointing out former President of the Generalitat Jordi Pujol as the great political and moral architect of the independence process. And to all the governments of Spain as a sort of more or less voluntary accomplices.

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Boadella, who portrayed the convergent leader in the work Ubú President, has argued that Catalan nationalism has always had a xenophobic substratum, thinking that "there is a border and a need to maintain values", which Pujol verbalizes and articulates during his two decades at the head of the Generalitat. To justify it, he has read the article, already famous, in which Pujol defined the "Andalusian man" as unstructured, "anarchic and little done". The candidate of the PP has added on the nationalist leader: "He was a xenophobe, corrupt, and immoral, as he warned already warned in the year 81 Josep Tarradellas, who said he was going to bring the rupture to the community."

Álvarez de Toledo has described Jordi Pujol as "xenophobic, corrupt, and immoral"

The two have also been very critical of the role of the respective governments of Spain, to buy "that victimism" nationalist and thus allow the State to be absent from Catalonia. "The immense responsibility of what has happened here is the governments of Spain, treating Catalonia as the spoiled child who ends up burning the house," said the playwright, who has placed the error in the early stages of the recovery of democracy.

"In the Transition it was thought that a series of things had to be restored to Catalonia, because there was the complex that Catalonia had taken from the institutions, without taking into account what those institutions did, like the coup d'état that the Companys "He has pointed out.

Álvarez de Toledo has put the magnifying glass of criticism on the Catalan socialists, both in Pasqual Maragall - "had the opportunity to be a modern and enlightened alternative and when it reaches the Generalitat makes a closed and closed government", as in José Montilla - "Said the phrase that defines the process: courts can not judge feelings" - and in the current perimer secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, whom he has accused of preparing the ground for a pro-independence referendum.

Asked if they see an exit to the conflict, Boadella has warned of the danger that the independence movement, with the escape of Carles Puigdemont to Brussels, and the prosecution of Oriol Junqueras, has become a "sect without a guru" and divided by your partisan fight. A situation that has qualified as very dangerous since they do not know "nor they will come out" of the current impasse.

For Boadella, who returned a few weeks ago to get on stage in Barcelona at the hands of the Frenchman Bernad-Henri Levy, the current engine of the independence movement, what unites them "is hatred, what is involved now is to fuck like be to the Spaniards. " For what he saw as a "didactic" option to suspend autonomy with the 155.

Without rejecting the possible application of this article of the Constitution, Álvarez de Toledo has advocated first to "recover democracy for the Catalans", with a process of "empowerment" of that half of Catalonia that has been "victim" of the independence movement. "We must remove nationalism and add constitutionalism, it seems easy to say but it is not so," he admitted.

The rise of populism

The rise of populism of the right (Vox) and left (Podemos) has also been a reason for reflection. "Part of that boom is the responsibility of the media, which need to sell spectacular and fast solutions, grab populists, or convert and transform phrases into populist messages," said Boadella, convinced that these parties "have a roof" that is the "common sense" of citizens.

"It is evident that there is a populist wave, but the waves break on the beach, and this is the reason, the intelligence and the truth, because the discourse of demagogy has its public, but for a while and with limits," he asserted. Álvarez de Toledo, supporter of "treating citizens as adults". In the case of Vox, he has described them as a nationalist party that does one thing that she does not share, saying that because Catalan nationalism has been "rude" the constitutional pact "we should charge the Constitution and the 78 system"

The event, moderated by journalist Cristián Campos, was held at the old Central del Espanyol peña, now converted into an exclusive bar named the Philippines Club, and a few meters from the Taxidermista, where Boadella participated in the dinners with clandestine aromas in 2005 of a group of Catalan intellectuals that germinated in the foundation of Citizens. Hence, the presence of Boadella supporting Álvarez de Toledo has an important symbolic value. In the room has also been the former deputy of Cs in the first term of the orange formation in the Parlament Antonio Robles.

"Boadella is the great Spaniard, a free person who fights all kinds of intolerance and nationalism, who has made a life a work of art. His presence here today, after decades of self-exile, is a hope for the recovery of democracy and freedom in Catalonia ", said the leader of the PP. A message of optimism that contrasts with bad omens at the polls for his candidacy that has been announced today by the CIS of Tezanos.

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