August 5, 2021

A detainee in Valencia for sexual assault on a student in the Fallas | Society

A detainee in Valencia for sexual assault on a student in the Fallas | Society

A man, 24 years old, has been arrested by sexually assault a student in Valencia on the last night of the Fallas parties. The agents impute to him, in addition to the aggression, abuse and robbery with tentative violence against the victim. The arrested man allegedly abused another young woman on March 3 when he was running through one of the rounds of the capital, according to the National Police.

The assaulted, according to the police report, returned to his home the night of the Cremà On March 19, the last day of the Fallas festivities, when she noticed that a young woman was following her, she approached her when she arrived at the portal, getting inside with her.

The aggressor offered him money in exchange for sex and when the woman refused, he grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground. While the victim was trying to get away, the young man put his fingers inside her underwear and the girl finally took it off, he grabbed her again while trying to snatch her bag, but the girl managed to escape by the stairs and reach Your domicile.

The police found out the identity of the suspect as well as that he was the same author of a presumed sexual abuse committed on March 3 to a young woman when she was practicing sports in one of the rounds of the city, approaching her on two occasions and touching her parts. intimate

The agents, after locating the suspect and carrying out the appropriate checks, detained him as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of sexual assault, sexual abuse and robbery with attempted violence.

The now arrested used the same modus operandi to follow their victims, including some minors, either day or night, and at the time they were alone he approached them by surprise touching them on buttocks, breasts and vagina.

The agents continue the investigations to determine their possible authorship in other similar facts. The detainee, with 11 police records, 10 of them for crimes of a sexual nature, has gone to court order that has decreed his entry into prison.


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