A detainee in the pan against the Government on Ferraz street

The National Police have arrested at least one person and identified several this Friday on Ferraz Street, in front of the PSOE headquarters, during the protest with saucepans against the Government.

This has been confirmed to Efe by police sources, who have specified that the arrested is the spokesperson for the neo-Nazi group Hogar Social Madrid, Melisa Domínguez, who is accused of resistance and disobedience when confronting the agents deployed in the area, in which for days hundreds of citizens have protested at nine o'clock at night for the Executive's management in the coronavirus crisis.

Hogar Social Madrid has explained on social networks that Domínguez has been detained when the agents forced several members of this group to remove the posters they were carrying and assured that a citizen has also been arrested for protesting this "police abuse" and other sanctioned .

The protests casseroles have been repeated this Friday in different parts of Madrid, without in principle being known to have recorded other incidents.


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