July 29, 2021

A detainee for spreading the sexual video of Vctor Snchez del Amo – La Provincia

The person who supposedly spread the video through social networks intimate coach Málaga CF, Víctor Sánchez del Amo, was arrested late yesterday at Puente Genil (Cordova) by the National Police. He is a 41-year-old man with Spanish nationality, who is accused of his alleged involvement in the crimes of discovery and disclosure of secrecy. After being heard in a statement, the respondent has been released, although the investigation remains open.

It should be remembered that a court of Instruction of Malaga capital is investigating the publication and dissemination of the video, after having presented agents of the National Police of the Cybercrime group in the courthouse on guard a crowded extension of the previously carried out.

After receiving said attestation, the Prosecutor’s Office informed that dissemination is investigated by individuals and media and the case will fall to the appropriate court of instruction.

The video was quickly disseminated through social networks, starting on Twitter. The network itself deleted the video for violating the rules of use of the network, but it was re-created several times. When the video went viral and the controversy exploded, Victor Sánchez del Amo himself made a statement where he claimed to be a victim of “a crime of harassment and extortion against my privacy.”

In fact, he filed a complaint in Oviedo on this matter, coinciding with the last game played by the Malaga CF in the Asturian capital, which he then presented again in Malaga, since the diffusion of the video was preceded by an attempt at extortion by claiming money. At the moment Málaga CF has decided to suspend him from his duties until an internal investigation is carried out, something that, according to his wife’s statements, is considered from the technician’s environment as an unfair decision.


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