April 23, 2021

A deputy of the PSOE and an antinuclear of Podemos enter the Nuclear Safety Council

A deputy of the PSOE and an antinuclear of Podemos enter the Nuclear Safety Council


With the same secrecy with which the Council of Ministers announced on 15 February the relay of four members of the Nuclear Safety Council, a maneuver harshly criticized by the PP and Cs to be held with the Congress closed, today the Government has consummated the changes.

The new president will be Josep María Serena, proposed by the PDeCAT, which replaces Fernando Martí (PP). The members who now enter the CSN plenary are Francisco Castejón, an ecologist and declared anti-nuclear -proposed by Podemos-, the socialist deputy Pilar Lucio, and Elvira Romera, also proposed by the PSOE. In the plenary session, Javier Dies (PP) is in office, with a mandate in effect until 2021.

The other substitutes are Vice President Rosario Velasco and Fernando Castelló. Jorge Fabra, proposed by the PSOE, left a month ago when he turned 70.

This relief is especially important in that the new members must decide the future of the seven nuclear power plants what's in Spain

Although the official note explains that "once fulfilled the process of appearance of the candidates proposed by the Government before the commission for the Ecological Transition of Congress on February 27, today, at the proposal of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and after deliberation of the Council of Ministers, the royal decrees that designate the new appointments have been approved », the hidden reference that none of the candidates got the endorsement of the commissionof Ecological Transition, since the PP voted against and Cs resigned to the vote. The popular group of Congress announced at the time that it could take this case to the Constitutional Court.

The period of tenure in office will be six years, being able to be designated, by the same procedure, at most for a second period of six years. The positions of president and councilors can not be held by persons over 70 years of age.

After the publication in the Official State Gazette (BOE), the inauguration will be formalized in an act in the Congress of Deputies on a date yet to be determined.

The Government explains in the reference of the Council of Ministers that the profiles of the new members of the CSN "conform to the guidelines established in article 5 of the statute of the Nuclear Safety Council that determines that "the president and the councilors of the Nuclear Safety Council will be appointed among persons of known solvency in the matters entrusted to the Council, such as the specialties of nuclear safety, technology, radiological and environmental protection, medicine , legislation or any other related with the previous ones, as well as in energy in general or industrial security, being valued especially its independence and objectivity of criterion "».


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