A deputy of the PP of Andalusia celebrates the day of the patron saint of the Civil Guard surrounded by a score of people without a mask

An image uploaded to social networks, apparently innocent, is causing a headache to a deputy in the Parliament of Andalusia of the Popular Party. Rafael Caracuel, a member of parliament for Granada, has been photographed with about twenty people who do not wear a mask and who do not respect the safety distance in the image. The politician, who is also secretary of the Andalusian Chamber's Health and Family Commission, is the only one who uses a face mask in the leaked snapshot.

The Granada City Council convenes the Security Board for this Wednesday and invites the University and the hoteliers

The Granada City Council convenes the Security Board for this Wednesday and invites the University and the hoteliers

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As you may have learned eldiario.es Andalusia, Caracuel appears in the photograph posing with the rest of the people in the celebration of the Day of the Pillar, patron saint of the Civil Guard. In fact, although he has not uploaded the image to any personal profile on social networks, it has been done by one of the young people who appears in the snapshot and who titles the photo with a "Patron 2020 #Siemprenfamilia". A fact that puts the center of the target on the politician for posing in that guise in a situation like the one currently experienced with the second wave of Covid-19 hitting Spain.

Not respecting sanitary regulations

The image is significant because in it you can see up to 22 people with Rafal Caracuel who do not respect the distance between them and that none of them are wearing a mask, although some can be seen hanging from their arms. It is also striking because Caracuel is an active member of the Health and Family Commission and because it fails to comply with the recommendations that the Andalusian Government, chaired by the popular Juanma Moreno, updated just two weeks ago to combat the coronavirus.

From what can be seen in the image, neither the safety distance is respected, nor the use of protection for the mouth and nose. But the recommendation to limit private meetings to a maximum of six people is not met either. In addition, the image shows chairs from a bar, so the maximum capacity allowed in these establishments is not being respected, which is a maximum of ten people per table.

This medium has contacted the Andalusian deputy to contrast the information and offer him the opportunity to explain what happened, without the politician having accepted the invitation. Neither has the Popular Party, which has refused to make any kind of assessment on the matter.


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