November 27, 2020

“A deeply Catalan person and always open to dialogue”

Socialism remembered this Saturday 20 years without Ernest Lluch, assassinated by ETA on November 21, 2000. “Lluch was a deeply Catalan person and always open to dialogue,” recalled the first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, in a Telematic act and in conversation with one of the daughters of the Catalan politician, Eulalia Lluch, from Maià de Montcal. “He defended, however, that it was a very open, extensive, welcoming Catalanism that could never be divided”, Iceta pointed out. At the same time, the Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, has also added himself to the tribute to Ernest Lluch and thanked him for his work at the Health Front: “Thank you for doing public health for all. With it, today the pandemic is being fought.”

Rosa Lluch: "Otegi and the nationalist left demonstrate with the facts that they have moved away from violence"

Rosa Lluch: “Otegi and the nationalist left show with the facts that they have moved away from violence”

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Illa highlights Lluch’s “rigor and infinite curiosity”

“20 years ago, terrorism killed Ernest Lluch. Today we honor your memory. Thank you for your great political work, your example and courage,” Sánchez continued in a message on social networks with a photograph of the Catalan politician. “Thank you for doing public health for everyone. With it, today the pandemic is being fought and thousands of lives are saved,” added the President of the Government. “His legacy is a universal and public health system for all Spaniards following principles that – even today – are in force and inspire us,” said the current Minister of Health, the also secretary of organization of the PSC, Salvador Illa, who has Lluch’s outstanding values ​​such as “rigor, punctuality and infinite curiosity”.

“Lluch and his fellow Socialists knew how to participate, from the government but also from the opposition, in major agreements in times of crisis”, has confirmed the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, from the same room Ernest Lluch in the Spanish lower house. “I would very much like to think that our parliaments are still a place for people like Lluch, with projects of coexistence and progress”, reflected Batet. “And I also need to think that outside of Congress these values ​​and these demands are present. Thank you, Ernest, for your learning and for your light,” the president of Congress declared.

Elorza: “A friend and a federalist to establish bridges”

One of the most moving memories has been made by the former mayor of San Sebastián Odón Elorza. “He was an excellent socialist, colleague and friend. A cultured politician, intellectual and always open to dialogue. A federalist who established bridges, who worked to achieve peace and end the terror in Euskadi”, Elorza recalled from the beach of La San Sebastian capital. Miquel Iceta and Eulalia Lluch have been in charge of closing the act ‘online’ from the politician’s house in Maià de Montcal and where he is buried. “One more year we remember him and we love him. And while we remember him, we relive him,” pointed out the first secretary of the PSC, who considers Lluch as “the right man” to face major reforms such as the Health Law.

“He was a person of very deep values ​​and a reformer, he wanted permanent improvement”, Iceta pointed out. “There are very pioneering things about him: daring to know, get involved, and not speak just to speak, but speak after having studied and having known. This is what defined Ernest and is what we need today,” concluded the first secretary of the PSC, who together with Eulàlia Lluch and one of the Catalan politician’s granddaughters have made the traditional wreath at the grave of the Maià de Montcal cemetery.


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