May 15, 2021

A dead minor and his critical brother overwhelmed by a bus in Estella

A minor has died, his brother is in critical condition and his mother injured when the vehicle they were in has been hit by a bus that has lost control in Estella-Lizarra, which has also run over and caused injuries to a pedestrian , reports the Foral Government.

The accident has taken place around 8:10 p.m. on the city crossing when a bus from the Estellesa, for reasons investigated by the Foral Police, has lost control and has collided with the gas station located at the Carlos Street roundabout VII and has built a car against the store of the establishment.

He has apparently remained uncontrolled and has run over a pedestrian and has collided with a fortnight more cars.

Firefighters from Estella Park, with the support of firefighters from Cordovilla Park, have unraveled the victims. The injured minor of a very serious nature has been transferred to García Orcoyen de Estella Hospital.

The passengers who were at that time on the bus, from Logroño, have not suffered damage and, as they have reported, the driver has begun to shout that “he had no brakes” before the collision.

The Foral Police and agents of the Municipal Police work to order traffic in the area and clarify the causes of the event.


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