Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

A dead man in a fire at a hospital in Rio, who was evacuated urgently

A person died in a fire unleashed on Thursday inside a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro, which forced emergency evacuation of admitted patients, as confirmed by the Fire Department.

The fire, which is already controlled, started from "a short circuit in the power generator" of one of the buildings of the Badim Hospital, located in the Maracaná neighborhood, in the northern part of the city, according to the center doctor.

"The entire management of Badim Hospital is determined to provide the necessary assistance to patients, who are being transferred" to other clinics in the Fluminense capital, the hospital said in a statement.

The flames caused a large column of smoke that spread rapidly through the building, forcing all the people inside it to evacuate.

According to the images disclosed in GloboNews, the patients admitted, several of them of advanced age, were removed in their hospital beds and waited for a while on the street, while ambulances were arriving for transfer.

At the doors of the clinic, scenes of despair were seen and doctors and nurses set up a kind of field hospital, outdoors, to continue attending to patients.

The firefighters, who took about two hours to control the fire, helped in the rescue efforts to remove some of the patients who were still inside the clinic.

The Badim Hospital consists of two buildings. The fire broke out, according to preliminary information, in the oldest.

According to the inhabitants of the neighborhood, cited by the G1 portal, patients and officials began to leave the hospital around 18.30 local time (21.30 GMT) because of the enormous amount of smoke generated from the fire.

The Ministry of Health of the state of Rio de Janeiro reported that it sent 15 ambulances from hospitals and outpatients of the public network to help those affected.

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