March 2, 2021

A dashboard to guide the digitization of SMEs and the self-employed




The disruptive revolution can also start at home. Intrapreneurship, the promotion of innovative initiatives at the heart of companies, is an effective strategy to meet new business needs, taking advantage of the creativity of your own talent. The philosophy has not yet established solid roots in Spanish companies, but some examples confirm its validity. One of them is Nomo, a startup that was born within Banco Sabadell with the aim of becoming an ally for the digitization of the management of SMEs and the self-employed, key clients for the entity.

«We are a somewhat particular case. The project was born driven by the “venture builder” of Innocells, Banco Sabadell’s digital hub. It soon became clear that the proposal was very strategic because it was closely related to its core business, the self-employed and SMEs, and I was signed to take the project to the next level: to give it the structure of an autonomous, independent company, with its own team, strategy, offices … And that’s how we act in our day to day. We are linked to the bank’s strategy, but providing differential value. At the level of intrapreneurship and innovation, I think it is the model that makes sense, “he explains. Xavier Capellades, CEO of Nomo.

The company is defined as a all-in-one platform that integrates all the financial services and management tools that these professional groups need. “That is one of our great distinctive elements. One of the problems that freelancers suffer is that they have to talk to many different “players”. On the one hand there is the billing program, the bank on the other, the agency … We have brought everything together. Plus, we are 100% digital, and this until now had not happened. The Covid has shown that the traditional agencies and consultancies have had difficulties in providing their service: but we have remained open 24×7, and with an easy and intuitive tool, ”explains Capellades.

The proposal caught on quickly and has caught up with the pandemic. At the end of 2020, Nomo exceeded 100,000 registered users, triple that of the previous year, and multiplied by twelve the subscription payment customers. “We have done something very important: listen to freelancers and SMEs, think about their needs. They are heroes in the situation we live in, but the Covid has also helped to end the excuses and barriers that could stop its digitization. They are realizing that it is a differential value that allows them to save time and money and be efficient, ”says the CEO of Nomo.

To consolidate its growth, Sabadell has announced a investment of 2.5 million to reinforce its technological capabilities and “grow at the level of functionalities, sophistication and consolidate the entire business management part”. The goal, multiply by ten the subscribers in 2021.

Currently, the basic subscription of the platform offers services such as unlimited digitization of expenses and invoices with a single photo and the creation and sending of estimates and invoices. It also allows you to add bank accounts of different entities. In addition, “as we automatically read the amount of VAT and personal income tax, we make a forecast of what taxes will have to be paid at the end of the quarter.” More control, better decisions. The premium version includes unlimited management and the generation of accounting books. A complete dashboard that supports even more wood. “We are going to enhance the functionalities at the financial services level, because we believe that the definition of bank is going to become increasingly blurred to move towards a concept of a financial services platform, which allows you both to manage a business and offer financial services based on of your needs. In the coming months we will announce very powerful things in this regard, ”promises Capellades.

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