May 14, 2021

A cut on the neck was the most serious wound of the neighbor from Tenerife who suffered a macho assault – La Provincia

The 36-year-old woman who was attacked with a white weapon by her romantic partner on Sunday morning in a house in the Miramar neighborhood, in the Ofra District, in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, registered injuries of consideration for various parts of the body. But the most serious, according to the sources consulted, he suffered in the neck and was about to cost him his life.

One of the sources consulted yesterday explained that the injuries were very serious and that the victim saved his life thanks to the rapid intervention of ambulance health personnel and the proximity between the scene and the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria University Hospital ( Hunsc). In other words, in other circumstances, one could speak of a homicide.

After entering the Emergency Department of said complex, the affected woman was operated almost immediately due to the importance of the injuries and yesterday she continued in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

As for the alleged perpetrator of the attempted murder, identified as M.M.E., 45 years of age and of Nigerian origin, it is expected that today he will be brought before the Investigating Court that is on guard duty in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The defendant has no criminal or police record. In addition, there are no complaints against him by the victim.

The events occurred around 7:00 am last Sunday in a home. The individual caused the injuries to his partner when inside the apartment were his three children, that is, a seven-year-old girl and two eight-year-old boys. It was a neighbor who alerted the 1-1-2 operating room that a macho assault had occurred. First, local police officers arrived at the scene, who found a woman who was attending to the affected person at the scene. With the physical description and clothing provided by the witnesses, several municipal agents began the search for the alleged author. The person involved was located by two local police motorcyclists in the José Domingo Alberto González plaza, when a Seat Ibiza was inside his car. Officials ordered him to stop the engine and get off the car. Next, M.M.E. The author of this new episode of gender violence confessed.

The now accused was transferred to the cells of the South District Police Station of the National Police, in the area of ​​Tres de Mayo Avenue, after he was treated for a minor injury to one hand.

This is the first serious case of male violence that has been recorded in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife since the state of alarm was decreed on March 14.


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