July 9, 2020

A critical look at environmental education in Spain

The purpose of advancing environmental education in Spain, with a critical look at how the issue has been treated in the last four decades, centers the report “Towards Education for Sustainability. 20 years after the White Paper on Environmental Education in Spain, ”presented this Wednesday at the Climate Summit in Madrid.

This document will serve as a starting point for the Environmental Education Action Plan for Sustainability promoted by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, whose acting holder, Teresa Ribera, surprised by the amount of public present at the event, has stressed that “only a critical society that has information can be a vector of change. ”

In his speech, he thanked the mobilization and environmental awareness in Spanish society because “we have always felt quixotic in a misunderstood world, we did not know if people understood what we were doing or saw us as Martians, but the pool had more water than that we believed ourselves. "

The report "is a critical look at what environmental education has been in these years, a dossier that addresses issues such as environmental education in a country with a decentralized system, or how to implement it in schools, up to how to sensitize citizens" , explained the president of the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development, Leire Pajín.

The document focuses on finding out what has been done badly during the forty years of existence of environmental education and analyzing the failures through different authors that invite reflection.

And is that "reflection and criticism is essential to focus a new action plan", in the opinion of Javier Benayas del Álamo, professor of the Department of Ecology of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

On the other hand, Carmelo Marcén, teacher and doctor in Geography from the University of Zaragoza, has lashed out against the curricular developments, to the point of considering “necessary to destroy” these mechanisms designed for the evaluation of teaching materials.

However, he wanted to remember that his proposal has failed in recent years "so -he added- do not get your hopes up".

The event has brought together a wide range of people linked to environmental education, from presidents and directors of organizations to technicians and professors, who have remembered the importance of good teaching about society.

Miriam Leire, teacher and coordinator of the Teachers for Future collective, has called for environmental education in the classroom with a structured agenda and "without having to change the teaching by fellow denial teachers."

In addition, he stressed that "the ecological transition is also a social transition and in the end will pay the usual, the most vulnerable."

The White Paper is the framework of all educators of this subject. Although it was published twenty years ago, “the lack of professionalism in this sector was already evident”, recalled Serafín Huertas Alcalá, environmental education technician, who stressed that “an ecological transition is not possible without educators”

Experts have concluded that, despite statistics that emphasize that today's society appears to be more aware of environmental problems, these figures do not reflect reality and much remains to be done.

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