April 10, 2021

A court in Madrid rules that a Glovo worker is a false self-employed

A court in Madrid rules that a Glovo worker is a false self-employed


The Court of the Social No. 33 of Madrid has handed down a ruling on Wednesday in which it recognizes that a Glovo dealer is a fake self-employed and has a working relationship with this company, as reported by UGT in a statement.

In particular, the legal services of the union urged the demand of a delivery boy who had been fired for participating in a spontaneous strike carried out in September 2018 by Glovo's distributors to demand improvements in their working conditions.

The ruling known today, "favorable for the workers", according to UGT, comes after two contrary judgments issued by the Social Courts No. 37 and 17 of Madrid, which had considered that the relationship of these distributors of Glovo was typical of self-employed workers economically dependent (Trade).

The text of the judgment includes the circumstances and conditions under which the Glovo delivery service is provided, Analyze the new reality of productive activity through new technologies and digital platforms and concludes by accepting the argument of UGT that the work relationship of the delivery drivers is work, applying in its entirety to the same work and Social Security rules of work salaried.

After recognize the employment relationship, the judgment qualifies the dismissal as null because it was the result of the exercise by the distributor of their fundamental rights to strike and freedom of expression.

The union has specified that after this ruling will focus on the collective dispute raised in the National Court, which is in the preparatory phase, as well as in the ex officio proceedings initiated by the Treasury of Social Security against Deliveroo and Glovo to enforce the criteria set forth in this judgment. Finally, UGT has reminded that this sentence joins other two more won by the union FNV of Belgium against Deliveroo.


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