March 4, 2021

A court forces the SCS to compensate a worker who is breastfeeding

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Intersindical Canaria has achieved that the Justice forces the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) to develop the necessary actions to repair the economic damage caused to a worker whose job position was not adapted during her period of lactation natural based on welfare criteria, informs the organization in a note.

“It is a claim for which Intersindical Canaria has been fighting for years, and which represents a very important step in improving the working conditions of pregnant and breastfeeding employees,” said the delegate for the Prevention of Occupational Risks in the Health area of ​​Gran Canaria of the National Federation of the union, María Dolores Pérez.

The union has explained that the Social Court No. 10 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has ruled in favor of a worker of the Maternal-Infant Insular University Hospital Complex (CHUIMI) that, in 2019, filed a complaint against the SCS and the Mutual of Accidents of the Canary Islands MAC for not adapting their job, during the natural breastfeeding period, guided by the occupational risk assessment.

Pérez details that the hospital employee decided to denounce the SCS and the private entity after considering that the proposal made by both entities threatened her safety and that of the minor, being forced to request a voluntary leave of absence for childcare.

In this sense, Intersindical Canaria has explained that, due to this employment situation, the worker stopped perceiving her salary. “Now, the sentence includes, not only the cancellation of said voluntary leave, but it obliges the SCS and the mutual to pay our partner the corresponding benefits,” added Pérez.

On the other hand, the union has explained that the sentence also shows the deficiencies and precarious situation in which the nursery room of the Gran Canaria hospital, as it does not have essential minimum resources such as a sink, a nearby bathroom or an exclusive area for staff.


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