Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

A couple hires a robot to photograph their wedding

Una pareja contrata a un robot para fotografiar su boda

A wedding couple from the United Kingdom has been the first to have a robot as your wedding photographer. For the robot, called Eve, also meant his professional debut as a photographer.

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Eva is a humanoid robot designed to interact with the wedding guests. Through technology facial recognition, the robot can recognize the faces of the guests with ease and then ask them if they want a photograph. Once they accept, the robot takes the photograph, which can be printed at the moment or shared on social networks using the intuitive interface of Eva.

Although at weddings no one should steal the role of the couple, it was not so in this case, in which Eva became a great topic of conversation. Gary, the boyfriend, says that "it was a fantastic addition to our day, and our guests are still talking about it. Eve was a treat and it really got people involved. I suppose a good change with respect to the normal photo booths ".

The official launch of Eva was two months ago, however, the android had to wait until April 7 to debut as a photographer of its first event. The android has been developed by the company Service Robots.

The company's managers point out that despite the success that photo booths have had at weddings, people are beginning to tire of these booths and look for something more innovative: "They want something new and memorable that will really make your event stand out. None of the guests at this wedding will ever forget their first encounter with a robot photographer ", they explain in Fstoppers.

With the robot, the guests of the event get the futuristic sensation of the android and the memory of the photo. In addition, the robot's ability to roam freely prevents guests from getting out of their seats or getting into a photo booth to get lovely photos.

Through its website, Service Robots ensures that Eva is not designed to replace traditional professional photographers, and even one of them was also present at this wedding.

The robot is presented as "a great alternative to traditional photo booths, which are slowly going out of fashion". Hiring a traditional photographer along with a photo booth robot like Eva, couples can remember their great day in both professional and sharp images, and more fun and spontaneous photographs taken with the help of the robot.

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