A couple has sex at the wheel while driving on the AP-6

A couple has sex at the wheel while driving on the AP-6

The Civil Guard investigates two people for driving in a "manifestly reckless" manner, since the driver and his companion had sexual relations while They circulated on the AP-6, at the height of Villacastín (Segovia).

On September 18, the Traffic Research and Analysis Group of the Segovia Traffic Sub-sector learned of the existence of a video on social networks, where you could see how the driver of a tourist and his companion had intimate relationships while circulating, as reported by the Ministry of the Interior in a press release.

The original video, which was sent to the judicial authority, lasted 32 seconds and was recorded on this high capacity road with three lanes for each direction.

The vehicle circulated in the central lane and on the lane markings of the lanes, according to detailed sources.

After the efforts made by the Research Group of the Subsector, it has been determined that the video was recorded throughout the afternoon of Saturday, September 15 at kilometer 80 of the aforementioned road, municipality of Villacastín and Judicial District of Santa María la Real de Nieva.

After viewing the traffic control cameras, the agents were able to locate the tourism and confirm the identity of the driver, as well as verify that he resides in the community of Madrid.

The investigators located the address of the person responsible, proceeding to the communication of the facts that are investigated and informed the driver that he is considered an alleged perpetrator.

The person in charge has acknowledged the facts and has identified his companion, who has also been investigated by manifestly reckless driving.

This conduct could lead to up to 500 euros penalty and be punished with prison terms of between 6 months and 2 years and deprivation of the right to drive motor vehicles and mopeds for longer than 1 and up to 6 years.

The certified report has already been sent to the Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 1 of Santa María de Nieva, together with the original video of the events.



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