April 13, 2021

A couple becomes the shortest marriage in history – The Province

A couple becomes the shortest marriage in history - The Province

Marriage is something that you have to think very well. It is assumed that when a couple is married is to swear eternal love and live together happily ever after. However, to take the big step you have to know the other person thoroughly, something that forgot the woman with the shortest marriage in history.

It happened in Kuwait. A few weeks ago a newly married couple lasted just three minutes when, after saying 'yes I want' the bride stumbled, fell to the ground and her new husband he ridiculed her and called her stupid.

She did not think twice to ask the judge at once to dissolve the marriage, according to local media reports. Luckily for her, the lawyer agreed to proceed with the divorce. In this way, the marriage lasted only a few minutes.

The reaction of the man with his ex-wife caused a wave of support for women in social networks, where netizens shared the decision that the girl took to divorce immediately.

"If this is how you act from the beginning, you better leave it," commented a Twitter user. Another wrote: "A marriage without respect is a failure".

New record. Because of its duration, it has become the shortest marriage in history, passing in front of another marriage that lasted only 90 minutes in 2004 after the man hit with an ashtray at the head of his wife.


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