«A country can not do without half of its intelligence»



The Minister of Labor, Migration and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio, has defended on Wednesday, October 3, the implementation of the Labor Equality Law to force companies to "share and share the power of decision with women." «You can not do without a country of half the intelligence from that country, "he said.

Speaking to reporters in the Senate after appearing to explain the actions of his department, he has expressed that he is "not at all in agreement" with the statements of the president of Cepyme and candidate for the Presidency of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, who believes to force by law that there are quotas of women in the administrative councils could harm the competitiveness of companies.

After being asked about these words, the minister has defended the position of the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, as well as the promotion of the Labor Equality Law, registered in February at the Congress when the PSOE was in opposition.

"We must take forward a law on equal pay and working conditions of women with men absolutely in all jobs: in the least qualified, those with average qualifications and, of course, in the boards of companies" , Valerio has pointed.

In statements to Antena 3 collected by Europa Press, Garamendi has been more supportive of promoting women in companies, but not force them legally to meet some quotas. The vice president of the CEOE has also said that he is in favor of equality and that little by little you walk towards it, being today's young women much better prepared than men.

"There is a lot of demagogy in this country. There are many more problems and we have to work in that line, but not as a legal obligation, "he said.


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