A councilor from Vinaròs gives a slaughtered lamb's head to another mayor and puts the government pact in danger

Might the gift of a invisible friend break a government pact? In Vinaròs, Yes.

The coalition between PSPV-PSOE and TSV (who rule alongside You compromise, party that joined last April) has suffered a new crisis, this time in the way more surreal and less expected, after a scene worthy of a script from 'The Godfather' or 'House of Cards' a la vinarocense.

Everything happened after the ordinary plenary session of this month, when the members of the government team proceeded to give yourself the gifts of the invisible friend, for strengthen companionship and relationships between them. Nothing is further from reality. The gift that the socialist José Chaler, Councilor for Urbanism and Sports, gave his government companion, Anna fibla, leader of Totes i tots som Vinaròs (TSV) and Councilor for Culture and Heritage displeased her so much that opened a new gap between both parties.

With the message "Proximity product"

And it is that Chaler's gift was macabre and puzzling in equal parts. When Fibla opened the box with the detail where he wrote "Proximity product ", could not believe what was inside: a slaughtered sheep's head, its eyes, its entrails and all of it wrapped in rotten vegetables.

"What would you think if they gave you or your relatives a lamb's head, eyes and entrails and rotten fruit and vegetables?"

Anna Fibla - Councilor for Culture and Heritage of Vinaròs

The anger of Fibla and his fellow party members was such that, the next day, Wednesday night, they called an assembly within TSV. This Friday he has called a press conference which he attended Deputy Marisa Saavedra and other party colleagues showing support for their leader, and in which They are calling for Chaler's dismissal or resignation before the end of these Christmas holidays. On the contrary, they will break the pact and will cease to be part of the government team.

"What would you think if they gave you or your relatives a lamb's head, eyes and entrails and rotten fruit and vegetables?"Fibla began his speech." We have been in government for two and a half years very difficult, because the understanding that has been in the government team It has not been good and that has ever been publicly visualized, but what has not been seen is the continuous internal problems within the government team against the councilors of Totes i tots som Vinaròs ”.

"The last straw"

According to Fibla, partner of the protector El Cau, this invisible friend gift "It is the last straw". “The mayor, Guillem Alsina, began to open the gift, continued Marc Albella, and They were all normal gifts, and then it was my turn. It was a very large polystyrene box where it said 'proximity product', and I thought it would be a nice touch. When I unwrapped it, there was a transparent box with the head and eyes of a dead lamb, and also its entrails, all full of blood and wrapped with rotten vegetables. I did not understand how this could be happening to me, neither to me nor to my party. And meanwhile, some fellow Socialists, including the mayor, were laughing. "

"At that moment I felt very attacked and I didn't say anything, I pretended nothing had happened despite what I felt, because I felt harassment towards myself"

Anna Fibla - Councilor for Culture and Heritage of Vinaròs

"At that moment I had the courage to endure the situation, because later we had to say who had made the gift. At that time I felt very attacked and didn't say anything. I pretended nothing had happened despite what I felt, I felt harassment towards my person. We continued opening the rest of the gifts, all simple and normal, and then it became known that the one who gave me the gift was Jose Chaler”He continued.

Resignation / termination or goodbye to the pact

For the TSV leader, "this situation breaks the dynamics that were already very battered within the government team. We have valued it within the game and we cannot continue like this. It is inexcusable, intolerable behavior coming from a socialist political representative. This is an attack on TSV and all the people who have voted for us, and it attacks my dignity. In these two and a half years the attacks have been malicious and continued on their part. An unsustainable climate has been created and this latest event prompts us to ask Mayor Guillem Alsina for the immediate dismissal of José Chaler, or for him to resign.. If they comply, we will continue in the government working for Vinaròs, which is what we want, but if not, we will not continue. The decision is of the mayor ", has indicated

And he concluded by asking: "What was Chaler looking for by sending us a box with this content? What is he trying to tell us? "

"Attack with a macho connotation"

"It is a political issue, an unacceptable act and a very serious attack on a woman, so it also has a macho connotation"

Marisa Saavedra - National Deputy of United We Can for Castellón

The national deputy to Congress for Castellón, Marisa saavedra, has considered that "the aggression he has suffered is political. It is not a dinner with friends where jokes are made, it was an informal but institutional act, between members of the government team. And this has been contempt, humiliation and mistreatment by a member of the government team. It is a political issue, an unacceptable act and a very serious attack on a woman, so it also has a connotation sexist. The worst thing is that it has also been a act prepared, and he probably had a good time preparing something so macabre to humiliate a colleague. If the mayor does not stop him, it would mean that he would agree. We expect a responsible response", has assured.

A pact that has suffered several crises

The pact between PSPV and TSV has suffered several crises during this legislature, and this fact has been the straw that broke the camel's back. The main breach was opened at the beginning of 2020 during the press conference to present the project of the multiplex cinemas in the surroundings of the Portal del Mediterráneo shopping center (multiplex cinemas that in the end have been discarded when the work was already advanced). In that appearance, Fibla was excluded by its socialist partners, despite having attended this presentation. Then, the TSV leader pointed out feeling ignored and described the fact as "very serious", and although she accepted the subsequent apologies, there was a tense meeting between the executives of both parties and the relationship between the two government partners was never the same.

TSV then asked to improve the agreement that both parties reached after the elections, and requested a review of the agreement that would require including a protocol of actions and follow-up of the same by the executives of both formations. TSV has also made sure on some occasions that they do not receive information on everything that happens in the City Hall, and that the Socialists exclude them on occasions. "There has been no dialogue or communication in these two and a half years”, Has assured Fibla.

The development of the industrial estate It has been another of the disagreements, in this case of political discrepancy, between both formations. While the Socialists are in favor of reactivating the efforts that allow the unlocking and making effective the land of this industrial area in its first phase, from TSV they consider that the money that this project has cost not yet developed could have been invested in other facilities and not in some lands with high environmental value and are committed to endowing the place with scenic and cultural value, being an environment with dry stone huts and endangered species. This discrepancy was reflected in the votes of the February 2020 plenary session, just a few days after the disagreement between the two parties due to the multiplexes.


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