A contestant of ‘Secret Story’ breaks the rules and receives a great reprimand from Jorge Javier Vázquez

Jorge Javier Vázquez in a moment of the Secret Story gala

Jorge Javier Vázquez in a moment of the Secret Story gala

As the weeks go by, Secret story he solves and creates new plots that surprise viewers with astonishing ease.

This time, the House of Secrets It was presented especially revolt due to the large number of conflicts that, in the last hours, had become evident between the contestants.

However, nothing suggested that one of the season’s great favorites, the unknown participant Emmy russ, was going to become the protagonist of the last gala of the contest and not precisely for good reason.

The contestant was going through her lower and more difficult hours in the contest and, in a kind of outburst against the contest and its organization, Russ said some nasty words to them that they did not leave her in a very good place and that, in addition, caused the anger of the public and the host of the gala, Jorge Javier Vazquez.

The contestant, who also turned out to be the last expelled of the night, shared in the confessional of the program that she felt like “the garbage of the program” and that, both the organization and the presenter himself “You know well what you are doing with Canales so that I can get out.”

Jorge’s answer

Very angry and visibly upset by the serious and important accusation that ‘the queen of German reality shows’ had directed the program. Vázquez wanted to have a conversation alone with Russ to find out the reason for this change in the young woman.

“We have to talk and also do it seriously”, the Catalan began before the German’s surprised face.

After the warning, the contestant faced the videos in which she charged the program, the producer and Jorge Javier himself and, at the end of it, Emmy remained silent.

“Emmy, you imagine you have a daughter like that, what would you say to her?” Jorge Javier was shooting, to be sure. “Rude … totally. I didn’t want this. It’s what I’ve talked about a lot in the house, I’m another Emmy, I feel like I can’t, I can’t change the chip, which is what I should do and I can’t, and that’s why I think it’s time to go, “the contestant replied tearfully.

Breach of the rules

But that was not all. Later, without permission from the program, which is the one who decides when the contestants’ secrets are revealed, Emmy told Luis Rollán, her great friend at home, between sobs, what her secret was. “I lived in a juvenile center because my mother abandoned me.”

Upon arrival on the set, Emmy opened the channel and told her harsh reality. “One day the house was empty, including my passport and everything mine. I went to the police station and asked for help. My mother left me alone. Because of how difficult we were getting along. Then I found out that what he wanted was to teach me a lesson. The police admitted me to this juvenile center and I understood that this was going to be my home for a long time, “he confessed.


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