January 18, 2021

A constellation of women sweeping through the kitchen

A constellation of women sweeping through the kitchen

The love for gastronomy takes it in the genes. Maca de Castro It stands out for the elaboration of recipes with which it expresses the complexity of simplicity, in which the talent of this young chef promotes a culinary concept based, above all, on the peasant roots of her native land. In the Repsol Guide 2019 has been awarded with three Soles, a recognition available to very few.

As his philosophy says in 'Rivas', "tradition, raw material, personalized attention and creativity merge into a single concept". Ana Rosa Cuadrado has put all its efforts into creating its own gastronomic experience in Vega de Tirados (Salamanca), which is based on traditional products made from the most avant-garde culinary techniques. The two Soles awarded in this edition of the Repsol Guide is recognition of the work behind their kitchen.

Also with two Soles under her belt, María José San Román is one of the greatest exponents of traditional Spanish cuisine in 'Monastrell', Alicante. Although it resorts to almost forgotten foods, in its gastronomic vision there is also room for fusion: the meadows and orchards of Asturias, the fields of saffron from La Mancha, the rice fields of Alicante and the olive groves all over the world are present.

The two Repsol Suns with which Begoña Rodrigo has been awarded recognize the reflective cuisine of 'La Salita', Valencia. The winner of Top Chef in 2013 focuses her gastronomic proposal on products from her native land, a cuisine that marries perfectly with nuances and Asian and Latin American influences.

Together with her husband Juanjo Pérez, Yolanda León proposes an autochthonous cuisine without artifices. 'Cocinandos' (León) is a home where the diner will find the most deeply rooted flavors of the land of León, where there is no shortage of smoked products, slaughter, vegetables, stews or sausages. The couple has managed to get two Repsol Suns in this edition.

The role of women in haute cuisine goes beyond the kitchen. Mar Gómez is sommelier and head of the restaurant in 'Lluerna', Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), where she co-owns her husband, chef Víctor Quintillà; both are committed to keeping alive the soul of traditional Catalan cuisine, exhibiting a Mediterranean cuisine where the taste of fresh produce is praised.

The Restaurant 'Maralba', in Almansa, offers a culinary proposal based on traditional Castilian-La Mancha cuisine, with Mediterranean roots and very creative. Distinguished and recognized with two Repsol Suns, it is a space where we will find Cristina Díaz displaying all her talent in the direction of the room and chef Fran Martínez doing the same in the kitchen.


The section of sunny women For the first time in this 2019 edition of the Repsol Guide, it starts in Galicia, specifically in the Lucía Freitas restaurant in Santiago de Compostela: 'A Tafona'. In it you can taste a type of Galician cuisine that is based on the absolute respect of the raw material and the use of avant-garde culinary techniques.

María Gómez, chef and soul of the Restaurant 'Magoga' (Cartagena, Murcia) with Adrián de Marcos, proposes a gastronomic experience based on a fresh product selected to the millimeter, as well as in a constant balance between tradition and avant-garde. A signature cuisine, which, they recognize, is inspired by the Mediterranean Sea, the stones of the Roman amphitheater or the mountain.

Sophistication and creative cuisine go hand in hand in 'La Berenjena de Chamberí', the restaurant of Rebeca Hernández (kitchen) and Marta Gutiérrez (sala) in Madrid. From traditional Spanish recipes reinterpreted to the influence of Japanese gastronomy on their dishes, 'La Aubergine de Chamberí' is synonymous with modern, fresh and fun cuisine.

Led by Teresa Gutiérrez, behind the proposal of 'Azafrán' (Albacete) there is a team of five women. And what women! The young chef recovers the most traditional Manchego cuisine to present some of her recipes from a more up-to-date look, in which simplicity and a taste for aesthetics are intertwined to give shape to a unique gastronomic experience.

The two women in charge of 'Taberna Verdejo' (Madrid) are Marian Reguera and Carmen Moragreja. They are the architects of a culinary offer rooted in tradition, with reinterpreted recipes to which they have contributed their personal stamp of sophistication; there is no lack of pickles, game meats, salted meats or sherry.

'La Pondala' is, for decades, an essential in the neighborhood of Somió, in Gijón. Open since 1891, Adriana Riginelli is in charge of a restaurant whose menu revolves around the most classic Asturian cuisine with a multitude of specialties of the land: rice, stew of local vegetables, fish and, of course, Asturian stews with the seal Adriana staff: fabada, beans with clams, tripe or belly.

Be that as it may, with this new wave of prize-winners, the future of women in Spanish gastronomy is guaranteed. And this has only begun.


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