A condemned for the murder of his ex-partner is arrested for stabbing a woman in Madrid | Society

A condemned for the murder of his ex-partner is arrested for stabbing a woman in Madrid | Society

Lifting of the corpse of the woman murdered in 2007 by the man arrested for stabbing another woman. On video, a person convicted of murdering a woman stabs another during a permit.

The National Police has arrested in Madrid for stabbing a woman to a man sentenced to 20 years in prison for stabbing a young woman in 2007. The arrested person had a prison permit.

Sources of the investigation have confirmed that the arrest of David A., of Spanish nationality and 44 years, was practiced last Monday in a hospital in Madrid in which he was admitted after a supposed intoxication by drug consumption.

The same sources have indicated that the detainee was interned in the penitentiary psychiatric center of Alicante, where he was serving a 20-year sentence for the intentional homicide of his ex-partner in August 2007, also in Madrid.

Last Thursday the condemned was summoned around six in the afternoon with a woman of 26 years and Paraguayan nationality, in an address of the street of Ramon de la Serna.

After a strong discussion, according to the same sources, the man hit the woman at least six stabs, face, neck, thorax and back. The aggressor fled the scene, while the victim, naked, went to the landing to ask for help from the neighbors, who alerted the police. The woman was transferred to the Hospital of La Paz, where she remains hospitalized.

The investigators soon verified that the aggressor was a man who, having served a good part of his sentence, enjoyed a prison permit. The search led them last Monday to the hospital in Madrid where he had admitted, allegedly for drug use.

The crime committed on August 29, 2007 by David A. caused a great commotion. The police had to prevent a group of people from lynching him in Isla Graciosa Street shortly after being arrested very close to the place where hours earlier he had killed a woman who was walking his dogs, whom he stabbed several times. Both maintained a "superficial" relationship, according to the sentence that condemned 20 years to David A. for a crime of intentional homicide. The court ruling also concluded that the man suffered a mental disorder, so he was imprisoned in the psychiatric penitentiary of Alicante.


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