Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

A concentration denounces in Pamplona the imprisonment of the young people of Alsasua

A concentration has denounced this Saturday in Pamplona the maintenance in prison of the young people who were condemned by the aggression to two civil guards and their partners in the Navarrese locality of Alsasua.

At this rally, which took place in the Plaza de Recoletas in Pamplona, ​​the fathers and mothers of the incarcerated youths have carried a banner with the motto "Altsasukoak aske" (Los de Alsasua, libertad).

Slogans have also been sung in Basque in which it is stated that "This is not justice" and "Freedom for those of Alsasua" is requested.

In a statement, the group of fathers and mothers Altsasu Gurasoak, organizer of the concentration, criticizes the "situation of injustice" that exists in his opinion in this case and stresses that it can not "fall into the acceptance, without more or more, of this punishment to some young people, their families and their people. "

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