A company that tried the four-day work week implanted it forever - The Province

A New Zealand company has revolutionized the business sector with an idea that seems paradoxical.Perpetual Guard, a company that manages trusts, testaments and properties has made news to theImplement a four-day workweek. The company started in the summer a trial period in which its employees workedMonday to Thursday. In view of the results,the company has decided to make the system permanent.

The data does not cheat.Productivity increased by 20%During the trial period and according to the Stuff, the company has ensured that the employees were morecommittedand they worked with greater enthusiasm.

Thus, the more than 240 workers of Perpetual Guardia have the option to reduce their work week,from 40 to 32 hours.This has been explained by the founder and managing director of the company,Andrew Barnes"We have tested the concept and developed a viable model for our business, and we have established a system for the coordinators of our business to ensure that productivity and customer service are maintained," he said.

However, something essential for the method functions is the attitude of employees. "We all must commit and take seriously creating a viable long-term model for our business," Barnes said.

Those who choose to work four days a week will have an extra rest day as long as they meet their weekly productivity goals.The salary will not be affectedand the annual vacation rights will be based on the contractual hours established for annual holidays will be based on the contractual hours for each individual.

Even those who decided not to enroll in this reduction of working days have been able to negotiate a certainflexibility in your schedule, to avoid traffic jams and better serve their families.


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