April 14, 2021

A company seeks a pillow tester for 1,200 euros per month

A company seeks a pillow tester for 1,200 euros per month


There are many studies that have been done about the recommended number of hours to sleep. Six, seven, eight or even nine hours, the truth is that depending on the person you need a quantity or another to achieve performance in your job. But nevertheless, now you can work sleeping, a dream come true for all those who find it hard to get off the sheets every morning.

In particular, the company specializing in rest Koala Rest is looking for a person in Spain to try during three months your pillows. "Our goal is that this person rest with the products we are testing and then evaluate them to help us improve the quality of the product we develop and that will end up becoming the pillow that we will market through our website," Bruno Madeira explains. co-founder of Koala Rest.

The selected person will have a remuneration of one.200 euros for each of the three months that the service will last. Your job will be to sleep every night with a different pillow model, after which, you will fill out a questionnaire in which you will gather how your experience has been. "This information will allow us to improve the product since we will take into account this assessment to adapt the pillow to its use", Bruno explains.

In order to apply for this position, candidates must enter on the company's website, and send the request in the section "Recruitment". The process of receiving candidacies will be open until next February 28. After that, the company will analyze the applications received and choose who will be its first pillow tester or tester in Spain.


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