A company of VTC of Barcelona will dismiss 1,000 drivers by the decree of the taxi

A company of VTC of Barcelona will dismiss 1,000 drivers by the decree of the taxi


The driver rental vehicle (VTC) sector has asked Generlitat to do not approve the decree to regulate this service tomorrow and has warned that, otherwise, an Employment Regulatory File (ERE) would be initiated for the "economic viability of these companies".

Three representatives of the sector of rental vehicles with driver (VTC) have managed to meet this Monday with the Minister of Territory and Sustainability, Damià Calvet, after hundreds of workers in the sector have remained since 11:00 concentrated hours before the counseling .

The meeting took place after three companies of the VTC sector that operate in Catalonia presented to the press a notification sent to the Department of Labor, Social Affairs and Families in which they warn that the new regulation that could be approved by the government tomorrow Catalan would imply the termination of temporary contracts and the collective dismissals of their workers.

According to Vector Round, Forever Tours Dream and Auto Andalucía Jaén Rent Vehicles Tarragona, the approval, scheduled for Tuesday of the decree law of the Generalitat to regulate the VTC sector "will mean the reduction of more than 90% of the demand of its services, which is going to generate the economic infeasibility of these companies. "

«We will be forced to resolve the employment relationship of all our workers in Barcelona through the termination of temporary contracts and the processing of a collective dismissal of the entire staff of the companies », these companies have assured in the communication sent to the Department of Labor of the Generalitat.

Vector Ronda and the other two companies have requested an "urgent" meeting with the Labor Department of the Catalan government to finalize the process of processing the dismissals.

«This is not an Employment Regulation File, it is the beginning of the ERE. It is the announcement that we are going to start with the dismissal of all workers. We requested a meeting with the head of the labor services to start all the procedures of the ERE, "the CEO of Vector Ronda, Fernando Gatel, told the press.

Vector Round employs about 1,000 workers of VTC, which operate through Cabify and that will be affected in their entirety, and Gatel has specified that in Barcelona there are about 4,000 VTC drivers more than other companies.

In fact, the general director of this mobility company has specified that last week the contracts of 20 people were not renewed, and that for the next days will expire without being renewed another 80 contracts.

The workers of VTC began the protests on January 19, when they placed their cars along Avenida Diagonal in Barcelona, ​​occupying two lanes between Plaza Francesc Macià and Ganduxer Street.

These demonstrations have been held on Monday and, for the time being, it is not expected to cease or vacate the Diagonal.


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