A commissioner investigated by Internal Affairs will be in charge of the Municipal Police during the weekend

A commissioner investigated by Internal Affairs will be in charge of the Municipal Police during the weekend

The chief commissioner José Luis Morcillo will be in charge of the Madrid Municipal Police until next Sunday, the 13th, despite the fact that Internal Affairs is investigating him for allegedly forcing several agents to attend his mother's funeral in full dress. The general order of the Corps issued last Tuesday, to which elDiario.es has had access, establishes that Morcillo "will be in charge of the Headquarters and incidents of the Corps" until Sunday, replacing the general commissioner, Oskar de Santos.

The circumstance arises that, although temporarily, Morcillo will have control over the agents who are investigating him for a serious or very serious offence, as announced by the Security delegate of the Madrid City Council, Inmaculada Sanz. Sources from the Corps assure that Morcillo has been chosen to replace the general commissioner for a matter of seniority and also because they have chosen to apply the regulation in its most lax version and Morcillo has not been removed from his functions while the investigation is carried out . Oskar de Santos, the uniformed head of the Corps, is on a work trip to Argentina.

According to the Regulations of the Municipal Police, the gala dress worn by the agents at the funeral of Morcillo's mother can only be reserved for very specific official acts: parades, processions, in the accompaniment of the diplomatic corps, or in the Cabalgata de Reyes , but never in a private event, as was the case. As denounced by the councilor of Recupera Madrid Marta Higueras, Morcillo also forced some agents to dress up at the funeral of his father, years before.

As a result of the facts, the director of the Municipal Police, Pablo Enrique Rodríguez, ordered the opening of two disciplinary files, one on the municipal mayor, José Rodríguez Vacas, and another on the Morcillo commissioner himself, on whom the Gala Unit depends. The two will have to testify before the new commissioner general Óskar de Santos, who has been appointed instructor of the case. The process will be internal "to guarantee confidentiality", according to what the Government spokesperson and delegate for Security and Emergencies, Inmaculada Sanz, explained.

Black pudding, a command historically linked to the PP, has been the subject of several investigations in the past. Also for Internal Affairs, which in 2017, with Manuela Carmena in the City Council, investigated the alleged coercion of the police command to some subordinates to avoid sanctioning a nightclub linked to the businessman of the night Miguel Ángel Flores, convicted of the Madrid Arena case . Black pudding was filed but the investigation was finally archived.

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