June 14, 2021

A commission will set the maximum price of masks, gloves and gels in 48 hours

The Drug Pricing Commission will meet within 48 hours to set the maximum sale price to citizens for masks, nitrile gloves and antiseptic or hydroalcoholic gels that are advisable to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The BOE publishes this Sunday the order establishing exceptional measures to guarantee the population’s access to the products of use recommended as hygienic measures for the prevention of infections by COVID-19.

In said resolution, the Government determines that the General Directorate of the Common Portfolio of Services of the National Health and Pharmacy System, of the Ministry of Health, will convene the Interministerial Commission on Drug Prices telematically within 48 hours.

The General Directorate will present to the commission a proposal for maximum prices, which it will submit to analysis and deliberation.

Once a decision has been made regarding the amounts, the General Directorate for the Common Portfolio of Services of the National Health and Pharmacy System will prepare a document with the agreement.

The provision of the Executive affects, as provided in the order itself, surgical, hygienic masks (both reusable and not), nitrile gloves, antiseptics for healthy skin, as well as hydroalcoholic gels and solutions for hands, authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products.

In addition, the order obliges the consumer to offer information on the labeling of all these articles such as their name, composition, recommended period of use or instructions on how to apply, use and maintain, handle and dispose of them.

The unit sale of surgical masks that are not individually packaged can only be carried out in pharmacies and “guaranteeing adequate hygiene conditions that safeguard the quality of the product.”

The order also includes the characteristics that the masks that are sold as “reusable” must meet, as well as those intended for the child population, which must have specific specifications.


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