May 12, 2021

A commercial judge prevents FIFA, UEFA and La Liga from imposing measures against the Super League

The Mercantile Court number 17 of Madrid has prohibited UEFA, FIFA and La Liga this Tuesday from taking measures against the creation of the Super League, according to reports The country Y the sixth. In this way, it prevents them from adopting any measure that prohibits, restricts, limits or conditions in any way, directly or indirectly, the launch of the Super League, as these organizations had advanced, even suggesting that the players could not compete with their national teams. .

Billionaires, sheikhs, builders and oil magnates lead the rebellion of wealthy clubs in European football

Billionaires, sheikhs, builders and oil magnates lead the rebellion of wealthy clubs in European football

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The judge makes this decision at the request of the creators of the Superliga, the competition promoted by a dozen of the great European football clubs that has caused an earthquake in the world of sport, politics and the economy. European Superleague Company SL had requested precautionary measures against warnings of possible sanctions on the part of the bodies that manage national and continental soccer competitions. These precautionary measures accepted by the court would be maintained while the case is settled.

Since the creation of this closed Super League for the richest clubs in Europe was announced, the world of football has been positioned in a dispute that, as expected, has ended in the courts. The federations themselves had already advanced that, if this new competition format that would put a stop to the participation of the big clubs in the Champions League, would take the case to justice.

The Super League avoids that, for the moment, the clubs involved may have some kind of sanction from the authorities that currently run European football. For example, three of the four semifinalists in the Champions League this season are Super League teams (Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City) to which the celebration of the European Championship is added this summer.

“My opinion is that, as soon as possible, the clubs and the players have to be expelled from all our competitions. The players who participate in the Super League will not be able to represent their national teams or participate in European or World Cups,” said the president on Monday. of UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin, referring to sanctions that he could not take now according to the precautionary measures of the Madrid court.


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