July 12, 2020

A comment from Duque opens Pandora's Caja de los males de Colombia

The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, opened the Pandora Box from which the ills of the country escaped on Thursday with the unexpected response he gave to a journalist when he asked about the death of eight children in a bombing of a dissidents camp of the FARC in the south of the country.

"What are you talking about, old man?" The president snapped last night in Barranquilla to the journalist Jesús Blanquicet, of the newspaper El Heraldo, who wanted to know his opinion about the death of minors, recruited by a guerrilla dissent, in an operation which took place last September in the department of Caquetá and that the Ministry of Defense concealed from public opinion.

The president's response today became a trend in social networks where the label "#DeQueMeHablasViejo" has been used to remind him of the many problems of the country, as in the legend of Greek mythology in which Pandora's curiosity led him to open the box from which the evils of humanity escaped.

Congresswoman Katherine Miranda, of the Green Alliance, listed Duke on Twitter sensitive issues for her Government to tell her that she tells him about the murder of former FARC guerrilla Dimar Torres by members of the Army and hundreds of social leaders, as well as "of the highest unemployment rate, "" of corruption "," of children killed "," of false positives ", and, in short," of Colombia! ".

"That the Presidency was too big for you," said journalist Daniel Samper Ospina, critic of the president, on the same social network about the unfortunate response he gave in Barranquilla.

The president of the FARC party, Rodrigo Londoño, known in his time as a guerrilla as "Timochenko" replied to Duque who speaks to him "of the more than 88 ex-guerrillas committed to peace and the 123 social leaders killed so far from his government" .

For another citizen, Duque's response to the consequences of the bombing of the dissidents' camp "perfectly sums up all the ungovernability that the country has been experiencing for a year."

The Presidency explained today that Duke was walking and did not hear the question well and that the person did not identify himself as a journalist, and that is why he responded in that way.

The military operation against dissidents in Caquetá has shocked the country over the death of the eight minors and was denounced on Tuesday by Senator Roy Barreras in a motion to censor the defense minister, Guillermo Botero, who yesterday resigned in charge

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