August 7, 2020

A comic book collector Batman denounces a millionaire robbery

It could be the plot of a movie, of a comic that might have the superhero as the protagonist, but it is the harsh reality. A collector of Batman comics and "Detective Comics" has denounced a millionaire theft of copies, nothing less than 450. The owner, who confesses absolutely desolate but hopeful of being able to recover them "because I am collaborating with the police and we will find the thieves", he explained in social networks. He is a devotee of the superhero and had acquired a very complete collection of adventures, such as a copy of 1939. Randy Lawrence, as it is called, has posted on the Internet the complete list of stolen copies (list that authorities also have), which could reach the 1,400,000 euros. "Maybe from now on they can be put on sale in the market. I put them on notice so they know they come from a robbery. For years I have saved and worked hard to get this collection. I am devastated and I ask you to help me if any of these comics reach your hands, "he writes. The collector suspects a plumber who in July of last year arranged a leak in his warehouse in the town of Boca Raton, Florida, and was interested in the comics he had managed to get over the years. The locks were not forced and the door was not, then the caco accessed from the roof and it was unhooked by a cable. The police are thoroughly checking the security cameras. La Palma Beach County Sheriff's Office is investigating the robbery, which occurred, as Lawrence told the "Sen Sentinel", sometime between November 28 and January 8.


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