August 7, 2020

A Colombian student killed by an explosive who apparently manipulated dies

A Colombian student died Monday hours after being seriously injured by the explosion of an artifact that he apparently carried in his possession when the hooded men tried to block a street near the University of Antioquia (UdeA), in Medellín.

The student of the University of Antioquia Julián Andrés Orrego Álvarez "was seriously injured by explosives in an accident presented today in Barranquilla Street, on the outskirts of our central Campus," said the institution in a statement confirming the death of the young man in the San Vicente Foundation hospital.

General Eliécer Camacho, commander of the Aburrá Valley Police, region of which Medellín is a part, said the explosion occurred when hooded men attacked members of the institution on Barranquilla Street, near the university.

"What is observed is the affectation that they wanted to cause to a citizen for ignoring the detention that they were doing to the vehicles (…) as they do not succeed, one of them is launched against him (the citizen), it does not reach it and that is where the explosion occurs, "the officer added to journalists.

On the other hand, the UdeA pointed out that, in view of what happened, the principle of "university with a high humanistic and humanitarian sense," which supports our conviction for life as a sacred value and our obligation to protect it, protect it, protects it " and exalt her in any circumstance. "

"Based on that principle, and given the circumstances surrounding the unfortunate event today, we invoke in society an attitude of solidarity and respect for those who suffer pain today for the loss of a son, a brother, a friend and a partner" , added the information.

Since November 21, thousands of Colombians have congregated in the streets of the main cities of the country to demonstrate against the economic and social policies of President Duque, although with the passing of the days the concentrations have lost strength.

The UdeA reaffirmed its "clamor that under any circumstance we privilege the civilized debate and the value of the word as the basis for the search for social demands."

In this regard, the elected mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero Calle, said on Twitter that "no protest was worth the life of the young man who died today at the University of Antioquia."

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