A Colombian on the Diamond Princess cruise is diagnosed with coronavirus

A Colombian who is part of the crew of the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which is in quarantine off the coast of Japan, became the first citizen of the Andean country infected by the coronavirus, the Foreign Ministry reported in Bogotá on Monday.

"Today it was known by the embassy that the coronavirus test (COVID-19) that was carried out on the boat was positive and that the Colombian will be landed as a precaution, following local medical protocols," he said. Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

The information adds that "to date, there is no record of any other Colombian citizen in Japan with situations related to the coronavirus (COVID-19)".

The Foreign Ministry said that "the Colombian embassy in Japan will continue to carry out all the assistance and support work required for this Colombian, and for the community" resident in that country.

He also clarified that "in application of the rules of protection of personal data, the name of the national is not disclosed, unless authorized by this."

The Japanese authorities reported that the cases of coronavirus on the cruise are 355 and that so far 1,219 people have been tested among the approximately 3,700 on board when the Japanese authorities decreed quarantine on February 3.

Since that time, the authorities have allowed to leave the ship and hospitalize the passengers who have contracted the COVID-19, in addition to authorizing the landing of some elderly or with other health complications and that have been negative in the medical tests.

Several governments, including those in the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy and Israel announced the shipment of planes to repatriate their citizens whether or not they are affected by the coronavirus.

At the time the quarantine was decreed there were about 1,200 Japanese passengers aboard the Diamond Princess and about 2,500 of 56 other nationalities, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

The National Health Commission of China, the country where COVID-19 began, has reported that the coronavirus already leaves more than 1,770 dead and that there are 70,548 people infected.


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