August 5, 2021

A collaborator of TV3 'laughs' of the Canarian accent

A collaborator of TV3 'laughs' of the Canarian accent

2019-03-06 10:08:05

"It is the most vile and despicable form of human communication apart from Castilian with accent of the Canary Islands," said the collaborator Magí 'Modgi' of Catalan public television TV3, giving his opinion on Twitter. to the Castilian spoken in the Canary Islands, which "is a small part".
These statements were made on February 27 in the program is Passant, a space of satirical character, and has generated a storm of criticism in social networks, not to be very funny to some islanders.
"Surely the guy is not able to distinguish a Venezuelan or a Cuban from one of Agaete, it is very clear what he meant by giggling, in any case," says a user on the networks. "It's the typical" humor ", like that of invertebrates ™, which is based on saying what they really think but with a forced smirk and some small adornment or exaggeration to be able to claim at all times that it's a joke and that whoever take a bad does not have a sense of humor, "says another who has not sat well statements made on public television in Catalonia.


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