A coffee with cultural concept proposes transformation in a neighborhood of Medellín

A café-restaurant has proposed a transformation in a popular neighborhood of Medellín through its cultural, artistic and gastronomic concept that marks distance with the violent past that stigmatized it in times of the late drug trafficker Pablo Escobar Gaviria, head of the Medellín Cartel.

This is Café Kirón, a venture that since 2010 chose to “break paradigms” when it was born in a small garage with just three tables.

Jhon Posada, passionate about reading and writing, chose to create a “magical place” in Aranjuez, the neighborhood full of nuances in which he grew up during a time of conflict, fear and survival.

“The 90s were horrible here. We had the beautiful and the ugly,” says the now coffee manager.

Aranjuez, cradle of writers like Juan José Hoyos and musical groups such as Crew Dangerous and Alcolirykoz, did not escape the violence that the city experienced at the time of the late capo Pablo Escobar, because there even a dreaded band of assassins was formed that was at drug dealer service.

While others chose to go out and forget their history, Posada did not renounce its origins and gave life to a project that opened the door for storytellers, poets and musicians, who complement the offer in a bohemian atmosphere, with dim lights and art in its walls

With this space, according to the story of its creator, its purpose was “to tell the city that in Aranjuez there were not only stories of violence.”

This electronic engineer undertook a crusade through art to generate a “change of perspective” in his own and strangers, to promote reading and writing, and show another vibrant face of one of the first neighborhoods of Medellín.


Between Dostoevsky’s books, García Márquez, Shakespeare and Jorge Icaza, among many others, they build the trip to their visitors who can enjoy activities ranging from poetry reading and literary club to musical and theatrical presentations.

“It became an art house, an artist’s house,” added its owner, who distributed the place in three areas: Africa, Arabia and Turkey.

Posada, who published in 2016 “Interlude”, a book of poetry that involved psychological terror, added to these artistic ingredients a proposal of “good table” from which drinks based on coffee and traditional dishes and other novelties with names like the Divine Comedy wings, alluding to the poem written by Dante Alighieri.

The proposal began to generate “a kind of noise in the city”, which attracted visitors from other sectors with a mystique that met the objective, because currently 45% of the clients do not belong to Aranjuez.

“Here there was no conceptual restaurant. We took that first step and from that other restaurants emerged, the neighborhood gained recognition for its cuisine and other positive things were generated,” said Posada.

This particular coffee, which evokes Chiron, an intelligent and wise centaur who in Greek mythology was trained in arts, has evolved in the decade of existence until he managed to form a team of ten people, responsible for the experience of its visitors.

With the advice of the Interacting Corporation, the entrepreneur managed to polish his idea, improve the processes and give greater visibility to his proposal with digital marketing strategies that expanded the horizons of the bar-restaurant.

Posada plans to expand his company with the opening of four points on the outskirts of Medellín to maintain its transformative concept.

“I am from here and I feel this neighborhood. You have a duty to choose what to do for society, or you leave it lying down and you forget what you are or contribute something,” said the writer.

Jeimmy Paola Sierra


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