A coalition of 26 states, counties and cities sees Trump's environmental plan illegal

A coalition of 26 states, counties and cities warns that it would be "illegal" to replace the Clean Energy Plan proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Donald Trump Administration because it would provide 60 million more tons of pollution and 1,600 more premature deaths. 2030

The New York Attorney General, Barbara D. Underwood, who heads this coalition, requested in a statement to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to abandon the proposed replacement to the Clean Energy Plan and the first limits at a national level on the pollution of existing fossil fuel power plants, one of the biggest sources of climate change.

According to the coalition, the replacement rule is replete with inaccuracies in the data, analytical errors and legal failures and, consequently, concludes that, if adopted, it would be illegal.

"In the face of stifling heat, increasingly devastating storms and floods, the Trump administration continues to push reckless policies that will only worsen climate change and its serious damage," Underwood said.

In his view, "the replacement proposed by Trump's EPA will increase dirty and expensive coal power plants, decrease clean and sustainable electricity, and allow New Yorkers and other Americans to pay the bill."

"As I have made clear, if the Administration adopts this totally illegal rule, my office will work with our state and local allies to present a demand to block it," he concluded.

The Clean Energy Plan is the culmination of a decade-long effort by member states and cities to demand mandatory cuts in emissions from climate change pollution from power plants that burn fossil fuels under the Clean Air Act.


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