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A clamorous crisis of credibility | Society

A clamorous crisis of credibility | Society

Euphemisms aside (Holy See, His Holiness the Pope, Vicar of Christ ...), it is already obscene argue that the Roman Pontiff and the bishops are a moral reference for the world, if they ever were since Constantine raised them as the religion of the Empire and a hitherto persecuted church with viciousness became the persecuting religion. "Suddenly, how much dirt," lamented Benedict XVI ten years ago. By then, it was known that he himself had been a cover-up, sending, even, a letter to the bishops ordering them to act in secret and refer to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which he presided over when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, all cases of pedophilia.

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In case there were doubts (EL PAÍS documented certainties), the same Francisco confirmed a month ago, on the plane back to Rome from Panama, the most notorious cover-up episode. "Pope Benedict he had all the papers on a religious organization that he had corruption in his interior, economic, sexual. But there were filters by which I could not get to the core. Wanting to see, he made a meeting. After, it was there [a ver a Juan Pablo II] with all its papers. When he returned, he told his secretary: 'File the folder, won the other game.' "

Francisco told it as "anecdote". It turns out to be a disastrous category. The documents referred to the Legionaries of Christ and their founder, Marcial Maciel. The prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life, Cardinal João Braz, acknowledged last January that the Vatican had the documents since 1943. "Whoever covered him was a mafia, they were not Church," he said. That they were not what? Was not Cardinal Castrillón a church when, being no less than prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Clergy, he sent a letter to a French bishop in 2001 rejoicing because he had not reported to the civil authorities a priest who sexually abused minors? "You have done well and I am delighted to have a companion in the episcopate who, in the eyes of history and of all the bishops of the world, would have preferred prison rather than denounce his priest son," he said. of Rome at the direction of the already saint John Paul II and Ratzinger, according to Castrillón himself.

"A friend of the Pope is not punished," they justified. Indeed, John Paul II considered Maciel an "apostle of youth" who, also a lynx for business (universities, colleges, agencies ...), used to fill money and gifts with the pope's court when the charismatic founder passed through Rome . As soon as the Polish pope died, Benedict XVI dusted off the documents and sent the crapula, who also had children with several women, back to Mexico with the order to disappear.

For years, and even today, the Catholic hierarchy has believed that the media, when they report on ecclesiastical pedophiles, do so to harm the Roman Church. "It was obvious that the information was not guided by the pure will to transmit the truth, but that there was also a joy of snubbing and discrediting," says Benedict XVI in the book 'Light of the world' (Editorial Herder, 2010). And worst. "See them at war against us, a thing of the devil," he said last Wednesday, with his usual Peronist majesty, Francisco himself. "You can not live a lifetime accusing the Church. The office of the accuser who is he? I do not hear you Of the devil. Those who spend their lives accusing are not children, but friends, cousins ​​and relatives of the devil. "

It was a bad appetizer of the summit, but there was more. I could not miss a certain contempt for women, increased with that episcopal obsession, the Argentine Pontiff in the first place, against feminism, gender ideology and against any manifestation that leaves the meliflua reference to the Virgin Mary. "All feminism ends up being a machismo with skirts," Francisco told the first woman who spoke before the full of cardinals.

Severe criticism has been heard at the summit ("murderers of the faith," one victim told the gathering). Much has been prayed. Some elderly cardinals have cried. But the conclusions are of Perogrullo: that the laws and norms are clear and only lack to fulfill them with the maximum rigor. If that's all, it's not enough. The discovery of cases and the denunciations have just begun and nobody will be able to silence them. Goodwill is supposed; For the rest, at this stage of the scandal they have no other choice. But the problem is so deep ("the crater of a volcano," Ratzinger defines) that it requires fundamental reforms, perhaps a synod or even a universal council. It is the whole Roman Church that has been called into question. For example, the type of education received by seminarians can not be sustained (cancer reaches above all the bishops, who were previously seminarians). It is not reasonable to maintain the infallibility of the Pope (who dares to contradict who God feels on earth?). It is not healthy for priests to create vicars of Christ with all the power.

There was a joke in the 50s of the last century, when in Spain began to install lights in some cities. "Be careful with the priests. They do not have to stop. " The Church that believes itself "a perfect society" (article one of the concordat with the Vatican, still latent) transmits that arrogance to its officials. In addition, there is internal secrecy, which is to be imposed on the outside (not to mention the secret of confession above the law, which these scandals call into question), a secret that the hierarchy imposes beyond political reason. For example, the negotiations with the Pope for the appointment of bishops, on which the Spanish Government must approve, there is no way to stop being secret ("on both sides", requires the agreement with the Vatican in 1976 ), and the bishops not only give way, but move forward.

Three years ago, the Rajoy government pulled the Cortes to ignore how much money the Episcopal Conference receives from the State Budgets (256.2 million this year), without Catholics putting even one euro out of their pocket. And the same arrogance and secrecy is required of the courts of justice, which can not bother without ecclesiastical permission (if the offender is a bishop, the authorization will be from the Pope himself), to priests who have committed crimes. It is obvious that the vast majority of ecclesiastics are honored. Callado is said, although the hierarchy does not stop remembering it. The crisis of credibility is so resounding that proclamations and chest blows are no longer enough. Or undertake profound reforms, as when Luther put them before an equally horrible mirror, barely five hundred years ago, or the crater will become increasingly unfathomable.


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