April 10, 2021

A civilian guard out of service stops a man who put a woman in a trunk

A civilian guard out of service stops a man who put a woman in a trunk

A civil guard out of service has arrested a man in Mérida (Badajoz) after seeing his partner in the trunk of a vehicle and chasing him with the help of two young people who were also circulating in the area.

The events occurred last Wednesday around 5:30 pm when the agent, with destination in Almansa (Albacete), was in a park in the capital of Extremadura, where he attended a course on traffic jams at the Traffic School in the city. At that time he observed that a couple had a "strong discussion" that led to a physical struggle between them.

Then he saw how the man violently introduced the woman inside the trunk of a vehicle, pulling the same and leaving the place, the Government Delegation informed in a note on Friday.

Faced with this situation, and With the help of two young women who at that moment were passing with their vehicle in the area, he proceeded to follow him. When the vehicle of the alleged assailant stopped and he got off, the civil guard approached him – after requiring the young women to call the emergency services by phone – he freed the woman from the trunk, and proceeded to arrest the man.

The National Police went to the scene to formalize the arrest of the individual, take charge of the investigation of the proceedings and the provision of the detainee before the city's guard court.



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