March 3, 2021

A ‘Christmas robber’, arrested in Bilbao after beating a jeweler

A robber has been arrested this Tuesday morning while trying to steal from a jewelry store in downtown Bilbao. The 61-year-old criminal had tampered with duct tape and hit the owner with an iron bar. The attacked has been transferred to a hospital, with bleeding wounds on the face and head.

As the Basque Department of Security has informed Europa Press, the events have happened at 10.20 am in a jewelry store on General Concha Street. A patrol of the Basque Police has arrested the alleged perpetrator of the robbery while he was still inside the establishment. In addition, agents have requested an ambulance to evacuate the owner from the Cross Hospital, beaten in various parts of the body.

Ertzaintza investigates the possible involvement of a second person in the robbery. A witness has reported that the owner was alone in the store. The aggression would have occurred when after the jeweler's refusal to open the safe.


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