Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

A child pulverizes all the records of the toilet paper challenge with 57 touches

Àlex Domènech Cardús, at just 10 years old, has pulverized all the records of the viral challenge of toilet paper during the forced confinement at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The boy, a resident of Barcelona, ​​has gotten no more and no less than 57 touches, a total of 37 more touches than he got FC Barcelona crak Leo Messi, who stayed at 20.

Àlex plays soccer at the Alevín de la Penya Barcelonista Anguera, coached by former Barça player Miguel Parrado. And not only has he shared his feat in The Challenge of Readers of La Vanguardia, but also relates his experience during these days without being able to leave home because of the state of alarm by the coronavirus.

The chronic

“My passion is to play soccer”

I m alex. Today I am going to explain my day to day since the confinement was decreed.

I get up at 10 in the morning, then I have breakfast with my brother, Pol; my mother, Clara, and my father, Carlos.

Next, I am two hours studying the duties that they put me and reviewing. Then I do physical exercise (which our coach Migue tells us) and train soccer on my terrace.

Àlex, setting a new record in the challenge of toilet paper.

Àlex, setting a new record in the challenge of toilet paper.
(Clara Cardús / CC)

Then I have lunch and watch a series called ‘The Watchers in Malibu’. Later, I will play role-playing games with my cousins, I challenge my father, mother and brother to play chess and poker.

Someday I make a video call with my soccer teammates and later I go to dinner and watch a movie with my family. Then I go to sleep.

My passion is playing soccer, although I also like basketball and being with my friends and staying.

I am a huge fan of Messi, Neymar, Suárez, Ansu Fati and Mbappé ”

Also, from the Warriors ‘Curry and the Los Angeles Leakers’ Kobe Bryant, he passed away, but I still really like him.

I also thank my coach: Miguel Parrado, my goalkeeper Ricardo, my eliminator Comas, Oscar, for the dirty work they do. Ivan, the power of the team. My tete Creus, my little friend; Luis Angel, my fighter; Roc, the best passer and the delegate Miquel and all the fans that support us.

If you read it I send you all a hug !!!!!!!!

I also thank the FCBEscola coaches: “Valors who believe escola”. To the physio, Pau Tripiana, Juan, Agustin, Guillem, Arnau, Edgar and many more.

Àlex, giving touches at home.

Àlex, giving touches at home.
(Clara Cardús / CC)

All of them made me a good player and a better person and all the values ​​they transmitted to me are serving me well.

I hope you are all well and healthy.

Waiting for the Covid-19 to leave.

Àlex Domènech Cardús


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