June 19, 2021

A child crushed by a tree in Bavaria dies amid heavy snowfall

A child crushed by a tree in Bavaria dies amid heavy snowfall

A seven-year-old boy died today in Aying, next to Munich, when a tree fell to him and gave way to the weight of the snow, while the alert is extended in Bavaria and other parts of southern Germany by the intense snowfall and the danger of avalanches , informed official sources.

In two Bavarian districts the alarm has been triggered by the masses of snow accumulated in the mountains, after several days of incessant rainfall and after some villages have already been isolated.

Rolled traffic has been practically cut off in some areas of Bavaria, as has regional rail traffic, while emergency services have been organized to guarantee the necessary supplies to the affected population.

This situation has been extended in recent days by part of Austria and throughout southern Germany, where some schools chose not to open after the Christmas holidays or have exempted parents from the obligation to have their children attend class.

Members of the German Army are involved in the operations of food supplies in mountain towns that have been cut off by snow and where buses and railways are not circulating for a few days now.

Since the end of last week there have also been cancellations of flights, delays and restrictions at the Munich International Airport, where the services of snow plows have been reinforced to free runways from accumulated snow.


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