April 14, 2021

A Ceuta hitman member of a criminal organization arrested in Malaga

The National Police has arrested in Casares (Málaga) a hit man from Ceuta who fled from justice and belonged to a criminal organization dismantled in 2015 dedicated to drug trafficking and extortion, whose members had starred in numerous violent episodes.

According to a note from the Police, within the framework of this operation, the agents have also arrested two other persons related to the organized crime in Ceuta.

"The reason for the search for the now detained goes back to an investigation that was carried out during the so-called" Operation Ax ", which began in 2014 to identify violent criminal organizations based in Ceuta and locate their members, many of whom had starred in serious incidents resulting in death or serious injuries, "the note explains.

"The researchers observed that the origin of the violent actions that had taken place in Ceuta was related to drug trafficking and that an activity added to the hashish traffic, extortion, that materialized in demands of large amounts of cash was generated for those who they were dedicated – or intended to do so – to hashish traffic, and endangered the monopoly exercised by some organization, "according to the statement.

It adds that "The agents identified two opposing criminal organizations. The first controlled drug trafficking in the city for a long time and the second, in order to wrest that control, initiated numerous actions against the first, which materialized in shootings and culminated in the death of their leader. "

Between 2013 and 2014 there were several violent episodes, including the shooting of a vehicle and the realization of intimidating shots in the air very close to an establishment that the rival organization used as a distribution point and another relevant fact was the finding of a A burning car inside which was the body of a member of the opposing gang who, as the investigation threw, was killed by a shot in the head and the family pointed to the now detained as alleged perpetrator of the death.

"With the dual purpose of avoiding police inquiries and avoiding a possible attack against his physical integrity as a reprisal, the arrested man moved to the peninsula and hid in the city of Granada, where he constantly changed accommodation," always according to the note .

"Thanks to several police devices developed in Granada, Alfacar (Granada) and Ceuta, the agents arrested several members of the criminal organization under investigation, including their leader and his partner – alleged intellectual authors of the violent acts referred to – ", reports the National Police.

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