A Canary reporter from Madrid Directo stars in the most viral video of the moment in Spain - La Provincia

Dani González, born in Tenerife, has starred in one of the Latest viral videos in Spain, with more than two million views.

And all for a connection in the program for which he works, Madrid Direct, of Tele Madrid, broadcast last Thursday and that has drawn attention by the response of one of the respondents.

"It was incredible, I never thought that this live was going to have such an impact", said on Wednesday Dani González in statements to THE OPINION OF TENERIFE.

González, Natural of Tabaiba, municipality of El Rosario, went on Thursday last week to Goya Street in Madrid with a camera from the Madrid Directo team because there had been a robbery in which the thief had used a simulated gun.

"We were going to make a direct of the event but suddenly it occurred to us to carry a simulated gun, similar to the one used by the robber, to explain with a policeman who collaborates with the program how a gun of this type is distinguished with a real one", the young islander.

Before, they decided to ask passers-by, as an experiment, if they distinguished both weapons to make way for the agent's explanation. "The response that made the video viralized came just with the first respondent, a man who was accompanied by his wife", says the islander settled in Madrid.

Dani González, gun in hand, he asks the man. "Imagine that right now I point you with this gun and I ask you to give me all the money you have, what would you do?"

The man responds to the camera, very determined: "Nothing, I do not give it to him". "Do not you give it why?" The reporter asks again, to which the man responds: "Because I do not want to continue living".

The latter was the answer that left everyone astonished, apart from that he later said that he had no fear of having a gun pointed at him.

"Then we located the man thanks to a classmate he had taught - he had been a professor of the Information Sciences career - and explained that he said that as a kind of macabre irony, that it did not have a literal meaning. interview and left us alone ", clarified the reporter.

The video was made viral by another television reporter, J. Manuel Carpintero, by hanging it on your Twitter account. He did it last Sunday, four days after a live performance he was going to become famous, with the following comment: "There are answers you can never expect, the magical spontaneity of live!"

It was just on Sunday when Dani González started receiving calls about these images that I did not know were having such an impact. "My friends from Tenerife and from other places called me, commenting on what I had put together, I did not really know what was happening until I saw the impact of the re-broadcasting of the video on the networks," he says.

Between the link of J. Manuel Carpintero and those of the Madrid Direct program itself, yesterday the video exceeded two million interactions on social networks.

"I've done a lot of direct but I've become famous for this is still anecdotal, but, well, the truth is that the moment was very curious, something in which it seems that many people agree", concluded the island reporter.


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