February 26, 2021

A “canary” of OT 2020 refers to Castilian as “that language of the devil” – La Provincia

Samantha Guilabert, theAlicante contestant who works in Lanzarote for ‘Operation Triunfo’, is, without a doubt, one of the ones that is giving more to speak in the Academy. His video greeting Mariano Rajoy, who went viral on social networks; Portu’s erratic assessment to nominate her; or his romance with Flavio are clear examples of this. Now, the Alicante participant is again on the lips of all the fans of the contest for a comment on the language.

Specifically, the lastcontroversystarring the ‘triumph’ has taken place after talking with his parents on the phone. And it is that Samantha had to speak in Castilian with them so that the spectators of the television program could understand the conversation. The situation seemed “strange” to the young woman from Beniarrés and, after the talk, she explained, jokingly, to her classmates how awkward the situation was: “Over in Spanish. In life I had spoken with my parents in that language of the devil. “

ThecommentaryThe girl, jokingly, provoked the laughter of her classmates but did not sit so well with some spectators who criticized that ‘OT 2020’ allowed those expressions and reproached other behaviors in the Academy. However, there were also many who came out in defense of Samantha, who this week is the favorite of the program, to ask that they allow her to speak with her relatives in Valencian.


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