April 16, 2021

A canary delights with outstanding performance in La Voz – La Provincia

A canary delights with outstanding performance in La Voz - La Provincia

Shadai 23 years old and from Tenerife. "I want to change the world through my songs," says the young island artist. This is Shaddai López, a passionate art that does not feel in tune with the time that would correspond to his age, has always been the freak of his friends, as pointed La Voz Spain.

It started with the music for the need to express their feelings and concerns and wants to change the world through their own songs, leaving behind the old way of thinking of people.

Shadai came on stage with a clear objective: to enter the talent show of Antena 3. And he did it by playing 'Stone cold' by Demi Lovato. There were only two coaches left to close their teams: Antonio Orozco Y Paulina Rubio, who pressed the button and fought to include the talent of the Canary in their ranks.

"All of Spain is watching you at this moment so you can decide who is going to be your coach," said the Mexican. On the other hand, Orozco he also made his attempts citing Mario Benedetti, "The butterfly will always believe that it was a worm", to which he added that "you are a genius, and geniuses need road and space".

Finally, the tinerfeño chose the Catalan artist.

Six canaries in 'La Voz'

Shaddai is one of the six Canaries that will participate in the final phase of 'The voice' So were the actions of the other five:


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