April 15, 2021

A Canary conquers the jury of 'La Voz' with her voice

Naiara Hernndez, a 21-year-old from Tenerife, managed to dazzle the public and the jury of the Antena 3 program on the night of this Tuesday, February 5.The voice' Luis Fonsi Y Antonio Orozco They turned their chairs at the same time, almost at the beginning of the song, but It was the Puerto Rican who managed to take this nurse from Tejina to his team, that I chose for blind auditions the song 'Will you still love me tomorrow', from Amy Winehouse.

Hernndez says that few people have heard her sing, just a few friends, her father Isaas, her mother and sister, both named Laura, and some patients. In addition, The only scenarios I had stepped on were those of the Tejina festivities. In her presentation video, the young woman confesses with laughter that she has no artistic name.

"You're surprise," he said Pablo Lpez before the choice of 'coach' of the young woman. After complimenting the two artists, Naiara confess that she opted for Fonsi for a song of his I had marked him when he was about 5 years old, 'Imagname sin t'. The Puerto Rican reacted by embracing the young woman and thanking her for decapitating him. "19 years ago I visited Spain for the first time as a singer and My first stop was in Tenerife. And thanks to Tenerife my whole Spain knows me ", seal.

After being chosen as his 'coach', Fonsi cant with Naiara a nice version of 'Imagname without you'. The artist recognized after the performance that song was the one that catapult him to fame in Spain. "It's something that is never forgotten, it was exciting to remember a little bit of my beginning," he assured.

"My first time on stage is being big and a total triumph for me, this is a dream," confesses the young woman after her performance.


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